Our Philosophy

Since 1982, One Step Beyond has been providing professional martial arts instruction in the TAMA System of Self Defense (an eclectic American style that is karate-based) to the communities of Hyde Park, Roslindale, West Roxbury, Dedham, Mattapan, and the Greater Boston area.

We are a family-oriented institution and are proud to have families training together. We like to think that our enduring existence in the same community must be credited not only to the outstanding quality of our instructors and training programs, but also to the loyalty of our students and their families.

Main Instructors


Tony Hanley, SaBuNim

Started training in 1993 with his daughter Sarah. Promoted to black belt in 2000. Currently a 4th degree black belt in American combat karate and 4th degree black belt in the TAMA system of self defense. Favorite weapon is the Katana (samurai sword) but also proficient in the use of the Tonfas and Escrima sticks.


Sarah Hanley, SaBuNim

Sarah Hanley, has been training in martial arts since 1993 and currently holds the rank of Yodan (4th degree black belt) in the TAMA system of self defense and Yodan (4th degree black belt) in American combat karate. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business and an associate’s degree in Child Development. In 2002, she decided that children’s self defense would be important to add to her repertoire after the birth of her daughter, Dakota.

Sarah completed her certification, becoming an internationally certified RADKids instructor. Since then, she has used her knowledge of child development to create her own curriculum for infant/toddlers ages 14 months – 3 yrs old. Sarah has also gotten requests from parents to work with children with developmental disabilities and has welcomed them with open arms into the world of martial arts training.

The Major Benefits Of Joining Our School

Physical & Mental Development

Utilizing the physical techniques of many different martial arts (not just Karate), our students acquire confidence in themselves as well as become generally fitter. This learning process also develops focus and concentration that can carry into the student’s regular classroom or work place. Martial arts are not just kicking and punching but the acquisition of discipline, skills, and character building that will last a lifetime.

After School Program

Our programs are suitable for all ages, from the very young (14-months) to seniors citizens.  We encourage everyone to challenge themselves and put their best foot forward. Whether you’re looking to get into shape, make new friends, relieve stress or develop better coordination, we’ve certainly got you covered. We help build and grow our students’ confidence and self-esteem, and teach them the importance of respect and self-discipline inside and outside the dojo.

Community Service Opportunities

One Step Beyond gives back to its community in a variety of ways. We’ve participated and contributed to Food Pantry Drives, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Boston Shines Community Cleanup and various other community events. We also put on fun events at the dojo like Trivia Night, Karate Vacation Camp, Birthday Parties, Movie Nights, and much more.  We strive to create a community within Hyde Park and our dojo.

Bully Prevention Program

No child should be subjected to bullying but unfortunately it’s become such a prevalent issue in this day and age. Our students learn valuable life lessons and the ability to work together in a safe and friendly environment. We do not promote the use of violence; instead, we prepare our students with the education needed on how to deal with bullying without raising their fists.