A school that knows how to have fun

At One Step Beyond we do everything from birthday parties and movie nights to nerf wars and community service activities. Our students work hard so we provide them with the opportunities to play hard and develop fun team building activities that bring students and parents together. Birthday parties and Nerf Wars are a huge hit and often times we open up our fun activities to our students friends & family. Just follow us on Facebook and be on the look out for the next big event and if you’d like us to cater your child’s next birthday, drop us a line at 617-364-9563. We’d love to hear from you!

Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Costs include:

– Invitations/stamps
– RSVP Calls
– Goody Bag for each participant
– Food & Refreshments (Cake, Pizza, Juice Boxes)
– Paper goods (lg. plates, sm. plates, napkins, tablecloths)
– Balloons (½ dozen bouquet)
– Small gift for birthday boy/girl
– Set up/Clean up
– 30-40 minute lesson

Weekday or night and weekend party times available

  • Need more info? | Call us: 617-364-9563

Nerf Wars & Pizza Night

Fast paced fun with nerf weaponry!

Fun for all, ages 3 and up welcome students and non students welcome!

Safety Goggles will be available for use. Ammo is not guaranteed to be returned to its owner as much of the ammo gets lost or broken during play.

*Bring your own nerf guns/weapons and Ammo*

  • Need more info? | Call us: 617-364-9563

Self Defense Seminars

Self defense Seminars offered:

– 3 hour Women’s Self Defense Seminar
– 12 hour RAD Ladies (basic/advanced/keychain) Course
– 12 hour RADKids Course
– 12 hour RAD for Seniors Course

  • Need more info? | Call us: 617-364-9563