Class Requirements


Student must attend a minimum of 80 classes AND 40 weeks to be eligible for qualifying black belt.

Student Qualities

Student must show an excellent attitude and always demonstrate a willingness to learn. In addition, student is required to strive to uphold the standards of honesty, modesty, courtesy, integrity, respect, perseverance, courage, and indomitable spirit.


Each student must assist in a minimum of one class per week. Student must gain knowledge of the requirements of that class and be able to execute as well as teach every requirement

Student Creed

All junior students must know student creed

I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything
that can reduce my mental growth or physical health.
I will develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.
I will use what I learn in class constructively and defensively
to help myself and my fellow human beings and never be abusive or offensive.
I am on a quest to be my best

Past Requirements

Students must be able to demonstrate all kicking and hand techniques, stances, combinations, self defense concepts and principles, and answer all questions from all previous belt requirements.

Physical Conditioning

Bag Work (adults)

Demonstrate continuous combinations for 7 x two minute rounds on the stand-alone heavy bag with a 30 second break between rounds.
40 push ups during break

Bag Work (juniors)

Junior students must be able to demonstrate continuous combinations for
5 x two minute rounds on the stand alone heavy bag with a 30 second break between rounds. 40 push ups during break


Controlled sparring with classmates

Explain the meaning of a Black Belt
What is the difference between a Black Belt and a White Belt
Of all the important words you have learned in martial arts which do you believe is the most important? Why?

Self Defense Concepts & Principles


Student must be able to demonstrate proper execution of all past self defense concepts with counters and finishes for each which include:
choke outs
ju jitsu submissions
destruction techniques


Junior students

Must be able to perform the form of every rank.
Must also create an original form that includes at least 40 techniques

  • at least one kick from every belt requirement
  • at least one hand technique from every belt requirement
  • at least one self defense concept
  • Front Roll
  • Back Roll
  • Must flow and be able to explain the reasons behind techniques

Adult Students

Must be able to perform first 3 forms and /or all forms at the level they entered the Teen/ Adult class
Must create a 4-5 person self defense routine. Each attacker must attack at least 2 times. Time limit of 3 minutes. It must make sense!!