Class Requirements


Must attend a minimum of 12 Classes to be eligible for promotion

Tiny Tiger Creed

Must know Tiny Tiger Creed

I promise to say, “I can do it”.
I promise to do what I am told with excitement.
I promise to be good to others.
I promise to never misuse what I learn in class.

Fundamental Techniques


Ready Stance
Attention Stance
Practice stance
Horse Stance


Front Kick
Side Kick
Round House Kick


Front Punch
Back Punch


X Block
Rising Block
Outside Block
Inside Block

Tiny Tiger Orange Belt Form

Attention stance
Ready stance
Horse Stance
Right Outside Block, Left Outside Block
Right Inside Block, Left Inside Block
Right Rising Block, Left Rising Block
Left leg front kick(step up into rt foot back practice stance)
Left Front Punch
Right Back Punch
Shuffle back into Right foot back side stance
Front Round House Kick (left)
Proper turn to the back
Front Round House (right)
Proper turn to front
Step up with right foot into Ready Stance
Attention stance